Sudden Cardiac Arrest affects every corner of society. By making every imaginable location heart-safe, we can help people save lives.

We strive to connect and innovate, and to think beyond simply selling AEDs. That’s why we develop high-impact concepts and unique partnerships. It’s also why we help design 6-minute zones and reanimation alert systems.


It is our dream that everyone can survive a sudden cardiac arrest, anywhere, anytime. Therefore we are the product specialist making the best AED available in the widest possible network.


We’re an optimistic group of people that believes in what we’re doing, and we’re smart enough to bring our ideas to life. We work with our brains, but also with our hearts. We have become successful by doing things a little bit better every day. The main thing is to do important work, and do it right. We love taking the initiative, and we’re not afraid to ask critical questions if necessary.

What connects us every day is the way we work together, our culture and our core values:


We are dedicated to saving lives with the AED. To us, that dedication is second nature, and it penetrates to the heart of our company. Dedication to one another as colleagues, to our customers, to partners, to suppliers, to the branch as a whole and to the latest developments in the market.


Our mission is inseparably linked with reliability, in every sense. It is the foundation of our business. With a reliable product, a reliable process, a reliable team and reliable agreements, we can all sleep soundly at night. And when we do make a mistake, we solve it. Always.


We can start alone, but we can’t finish alone. So we prefer to work closely together with colleagues and partners, because we can mean so much more together than we can alone. We connect people and businesses and build long-term relationships through personal contact and by bringing out the best in one another.


In building our global network, we’ve maintained our typical Dutch down-to-earth mentality. We stand with both feet on the ground, have a sense of humour and we try to see things in perspective. We avoid woolly, complex verbiage; instead, we have short lines of communications and come up with feasible solutions that focus on results.


Consultation and planning are important, but we believe more in doing. We prefer to stay in control, and always think one step ahead. We don’t always succeed at the first try, but we dare to try.


We enjoy what we do, we’re driven and we appreciate new challenges. To us, fun is more than personal interaction, a pleasant work environment and celebrating success. It’s also the satisfaction we find in creating impact. Every day.